Peace Of Jade Classes

The Collection includes a special variety of vinyasa and meditation classes that will bring you inspiration, motivation, strength and peace + sleep.

These classes are available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and many other applications, likely anywhere you listen to music. Choose a class, hit play and give it a try, it’s low commitment with a big return; may your inner light shine bright and light up the world around you.

Strong Yoga Flow

This is a solid vinyasa class including a simple warm up and sun salutations, followed with a strong flow and robust transitions that will open up and wake up your mind and body. Although this is an intermediate class, I welcome those newer to the practice to give it a try.

Slower Yoga Flow

This class is a slower vinyasa flow. It’s a good fit for those newer to the practice and offers challenges for advanced practitioners. You will release tension in your hips, shoulders and mind.  The class includes passive static stretches, long active holds, and offers some modifications, the tempo is slow and steady.  

Dynamic Yoga Flow 

This class is a strong Vinyasa Flow packed with lots of twisting and back-bending. It also includes favorite hip stretches like the lizard and pigeon. Although this is an intermediate class, I welcome those newer to the practice to give it a try.

Guided Peaceful Meditation

Meditate lying down or seated.  Connect with your breath, slow down your breathing and  work with mantra to find some moments of peace, release stress, tension and anxiety. 

Guided Morning Meditation

A seated mediation to clear your mind and set the stage for a beautiful day. Use your own breath, energy and imagination to purify and energize yourself while purifying your mind.

Savasana (Guided Meditation)

Set a clear intention, work with your breath and imagination for deep relaxation . This class is easy to follow and very relaxing.

Sleep Medicine (Guided) Meditation

Relax, let go of any worries and connect with your breath. Count your breath backwards to help bring you to a restful state.

Sleep Medicine Instrumental

The relaxing instrumental soundtrack to “Sleep Medicine”.

Album Music

The music on the album is by Coleman Zurkowski, who is a classically trained composer and musician based in the United States. Zurkowski studied composition at DePaul University in Chicago, IL with Kurt Westerberg from 2008 to 2012. Coleman’s passion for music, yoga and meditation inspired the music for the “Peace of Jade” album. He’s released two albums, ZERO and INSTRUMENTAL. Zurkowski also composes music for film, television, commercials, podcasts, and theatre.