Yoga & Meditation Sessions
For The Work Place

How are your employees, really?

Have you noticed that they feel tense, stressed out and overworked? Are they lacking creativity, productivity and effectiveness? Or are they doing well but you want to avoid degeneration or a fall from grace?

Good news: There’s a way to nurture your staff’s physical and mental wellbeing while improving your business’ bottom line!

Studies show that bringing yoga into the office can help your employees...

Let me help you incorporate yoga and meditation into your workplace wellness initiative!

Quiet the mind and energize the entire body from anywhere in the world

Whether your employees are at their desk, in the conference room, or on a yoga mat at home, they can join virtually and practice together.

Here's How It Works...

Schedule Your Session

Book a call with Jade to schedule a one-time or regular recurring yoga and meditation session for your staff.

Practice As A Team

Simply join the virtual session link wherever you want to practice. Athleticism not required! We’ll tailor to session to your staff’s needs.

Experience Relief & Relaxation

By the end of the session, your team will leave feeling challenged yet restored, energized, focused and resilient.

"I immediately turned to Jade to enhance our team ethos by practicing yoga together..."

“At the point when our planet was brought to its knees with unprecedented anxiety, uncertainty, and panic from a global pandemic and protests for racial and economic equity, I wanted to create a respite for my fully remote staff. I immediately turned to Jade to enhance our team ethos by practicing yoga together.

The benefits of our shared practice together, online, as an entire company, spanning multiple time zones, has been nothing short of remarkable as we have created the space to nurture the connection, both individually and collectively, between our minds and bodies so that we can be more present and intentional in all aspects of our lives.”

Sheldon Gilbert, CEO of Proclivity Systems


Ongoing Weekly Sessions

Schedule a recurring yoga or meditation session every week on the day and time of your choice. Sessions are hosting live via a Zoom meeting, which is accessible to remote or in-person employees!

Single Session

Have a special corporate event coming up? Why not spice you your quarterly team meetings, company picnic, or executive retreat with a yoga or meditation session?

Team Retreats

Planning a multi-day or week-long retreat for your executives or key staff members? Jade and Keris’ yoga and meditation sessions are a great way to incorporate mindful team building into your wellness initiatives.

Custom Packages

If you need more than a single session, weekly session, or team retreat, we’re happy to curate a package that caters to your company’s needs. Click the schedule a session button and fill out the contact form for a custom quote.


Jade Alexis

Jade is a yoga and meditation instructor passionate about helping you grow, heal and evolve in health, fitness and life so you can comfortably do all the things you want in life.

Keris Timol

Keris is a yoga and meditation teacher on a mission to help you live the life you desire with more patience, peace, and purpose. 

Schedule A Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can omit the dogma and spiritual theory you might find in some yoga classes. We’ll make sure the practice focuses on alignment, connecting to the breath, and building heat, strength and stamina.  

Absolutely! We adapt the practice to the students’ fitness levels. 

As long as you would like them to be! Sessions could be anywhere from five (5) to 60 minutes.

No, we program the meditation sessions to maintain the interest of both beginners and more advanced practitioners. A session could include breath work, visualizations, light stretching/movement, journaling/note taking, positive affirmations and more.

5 minutes is enough time to quiet the mind, take a few breaths and find peace in the moment. Additionally, it also creates a sense of togetherness and plants the seed for a positive and productive meeting, day or workshop.

The final pricing depends on the length of a session, prep time, the size of the organization/participants, and frequency, to name a few of the factors.

A small organization (less than 30 employees) meeting virtually for 30min on a reoccurring basis or booking a series of at least 3 sessions

We do offer in person, travel time would be factored into the cost.

We can record and send your online yoga and meditation classes for your team to access them at any time. Click the schedule a class button to chat with Jade about replay arrangements.

“If you need a break or a reset, Jade’s your woman. Spend an hour with her and you will feel like you’ve had a nap or a bubble bath. We’ve invited Jade to do virtual meditation sessions with our office team for several months now and well – we all just love our time with her.

– Patricia Grande, Project Manager at Hall Capital Partners, LLC