Pure Jade Alexis Classes

The collection includes; vinyasa yoga, daily meditation and sleep meditations + yoga nidra with Keris Timol.

These classes are available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and many other applications, likely anywhere you listen to music. Choose a class, hit play and give it a try, it’s low commitment with a big return; may your inner light shine bright and light up the world around you.

Jade Yoga Flow (Instruction)

Description coming soon.

Jade Yoga Flow Extended Version

Description coming soon.

Meditation For Sleep

Description coming soon.

Daily Meditation For Peace with Gratitude

Description coming soon.

Sleep Meditation to Zero

This is yoga nidra practice guided by Keris Timol intended to help bring relaxation to the whole body. Find release, relaxation and purpose while calming the mind and body. Please note there are various pauses throughout the meditation, allow yourself to appreciate the silence. If any thoughts arise, acknowledge them, let them go. The accompanying music: “ZERO” by Coleman Zurkowski is an exploration of the physical and emotional effects of binaural/isochronic rhythms which are gradually slowing into silence.

Meet Jade Alexis

Through her popular yoga and meditation classes (found on Equinox +, Aaptiv, Fitbit, Audible, Spotify, iTunes and more), and tough-love approach, Jade trains you to trust your intuition, respect yourself and find your true strength both on and off the mat.

She proves that by showing up, practicing daily and letting your ego go, you can find ultimate happiness and can manifest your deepest desires.

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